2024-3: GNU Taler v0.9.4 released

We are happy to announce the release of GNU Taler v0.9.4.

We have addressed over 300 individual issues, our bug tracker has the full list. Notable changes include:

  • NEW: Asynchronous DNS resolution by wallet-core (no more user interface blocking on DNS issues)
  • NEW: Support for two-factor authentication in libeufin-bank
  • NEW: taler-mdb can now show advertisements and internal error messages
  • NEW: taler-merchant-depositcheck now alerts merchants immediately about KYC requirements
  • NEW: iOS wallet release to Testflight
  • taler-merchant-wirewatch now correctly imports settlement data from libeufin-bank
  • Various minor bugfixes, performance, user experience and documentation improvements

Our work is funded by NLnet grant 2022-08-058 as well as by the European Commissions and the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) as part of the NGI TALER project.

Download links

The wallet has its own download site here. The exchange, merchant backend, sync and bank components are distributed via the GNU FTP mirrors.

You must first install GNUnet v0.21.0 or the current Git master to compile GNU Taler 0.9.4 from source.